Pyrolysis [pye-[b]rol[/b]-lis-sis] is a folk band from the heart of the Burgundian countryside, Zaltbommel. With traditional acoustic instruments like violin, accordion, bouzouki and bodhrán, the musicians play original folk songs with a traditional tune here and there. The music is inspired by traditional folk music from different corners of the planet: Irish and Scottish influences are evident, but gypsy, Pagan and even Viking influences are also present.

During the first weeks of Friendly Folk Records inception, (May/2017) Pyrolysis were in process of final touches for Edges of the Day. Since they were under management services FFR-owner at the time, and were planning to release the album as an independent at Indieplant CDPerserij, the band agreed to be our first folk music release on Friendly Folk Records. Although not quite interested nor ready for becoming full label artists, we are pleased to have in our catalogue this remarkable album.

Band Members:
Stan Eimers – Vocals, Bodhrán, H

Tim Elfring – Bouzouki, Vocals, Tin Whistle;
Laurens Krah – Accordion, Backing Vocals;
Rikke Linssen – Violin, Vocals

Official Artist Website: